Winning Tribe

The physical and mental well-being is the basis for us to be able to perform and feel good. If we were to tell you that you have an enormous potential to develop even more, would you be curious to explore your possibilities then?

Winning Tribe is a unique and exclusive program for personal development created to enhance the quality of life and to perform our best.

How can we use our potential in the most effective way to deal with the countless challenges of everyday life?

Winning Tribe is based on the “Magic Cube” where we believe that each individual has their own experiences, their own knowledge and their own strengths to be able to succeed with the strategy and the method they consider to be the best.

Winning Tribe supports with two more very important blocks, in order to feel good and to perform their very best – the physical and the mental well-being.

A 90 day program online

A 90-day program divided into three blocks; Dscover, Develop and Support. All with powerful and practical tools to increase the awareness of the changes that lead to higher quality of life, more efficiency, larger focus on priorities and to improve the physical and mental wellbeing.

Included in the 90 days program:

  • An unique coaching program for personal develoment
  • Workout programs every week for home training
  • Information videos for physical wellbeing
  • Facebook Group for community and support
  • Professional coaches by your side during the program
  • Newsletter with more inspiration and tips
  • Extra material – bonus videos

When you choose Winning Tribe, you get the most important keys to a successful, motivational and fulfilled life.

“When we feel good – we do good”. After 90 days, you have the best conditions to achieve your goals in an effective and stimulating way – both privately and professionally.

The first part of Winning Tribe is to explore our reality today. How do you feel about your current lifestyle, your priorities and your visions?
The second part is all about development. What are your goals, what resources are necessary and what does your strategy look like?
In the last part of Winning Tribe we highlight any obstacles. How is your internal dialogue, what kind of fears exist and how do we get past them?

Download exercises for your personal development.

Exercise Purpose of Life. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

Exercise Wheel of Life. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

Exercise Emotional Balance. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

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