Feedback from customers

I’m a free diver and If you want to be able to go beyond your limit and realize something something that has never been done before you really have to be on top of your mental and physical level of preparation. With you it has been possible to reach them both, great!

Gian-Luca, world record in free diving

I came to Alessio heartbroken and was so lost in myself. I was in the bottom of my carrier as a beachvolleypro and i was confused. Step by step i took smal steps foword with his help. Maybe i had the answers inside me but they were locked by myself. Alessio helpt me to unlock this feelings, emotion and glow. Everytime i went from his session I saw something new with my eyes, i started to see me as a person not as a proathlete. Im so happy i have been working with Alessio and i recommend him to everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are a athlete or not. You are always welcome to him with open arms!

Nina Grawender, international beach-volley player

Jag påbörjade min coaching hösten 2018. Där och då hade jag testat allt, trodde jag.
Jag sprang på i mitt ekorrhjul, jag var trött och omotiverad. Men så kom Anna in i mitt liv och helt plötsligt fann jag styrkan till att genomföra små förändringar i tankesätt och i levnadssätt. Anna kan göra underverk, men det krävs engagemang. Det var jobbigt och det fanns stunder då jag ville ge upp.
Anna är suverän på att lyssna och att inte döma, superlätt att prata med. Sessionerna med Anna var smidiga och flexibla där vi varvade fysiska och digitala möten. Jag kan starkt rekommendera Anna och hennes coaching, oavsett vad målet än är kan hon helt klart hjälpa på vägen.

Isabella, administratör, Borås

“Since I started to work together with you in February 2012 I realize that keeping my health in a good level helps me to perform during business hours. I see it as a “pension insurance” so I can be strong an fully enjoy a long and happy life after retirement, Thank you Alessio for keeping me up and running.”

Anders, PWC partner, Gothenburg

“I guess you remember how I was when I started. Training was tough, hard and embarrassing. I was not comfortable in the gym. Now: I enjoy training and look forward each opportunity to train. My quality of life is much higher. I am more happy, more satisfied with myself and my life, I can actually see me and not either something I do not like or something that is untrue. I trust myself and my capacity to cope with difficult situations. I have conquered my fear to challenge my body. I can now push myself to a limit that before was impossible. You are encouraging, supportive and motivating and challenging me in every step.”

Carina – Entrepreneur, Gothenburg

“The new doctor at Carlanderska was extremely happy with my health and claimed that my (rather) intensive training is solely responsible for lowering my cholesterol, lowering my blood glucose, stopping protein leakage through my kidneys, lowering my blood pressure, raising my testosterone level, reducing overall body inflammation, normalizing the liver and generally making me look great. Wow! It’s powerful stuff you’re dealing with. I’m really lucky to have met you!”

Björn – Regional manager, Gothenburg

“If I just think I was risking to die in a surgery… I would never have been where I am today without you! I’m ETERNALLY grateful for being able to benefit from your expertise. It helps a lot that you’re a great guy too!”

Sara – Entrepreneur, Gothenburg

Jag känner verkligen att våra samtal hjälpte mig mycket, framför allt i den svackan jag var i förra året men även nu när jag känner att motivationen tryter. Jag uppskattade verkligen din flexibilitet med tider och att det fanns en möjlighet att genomföra samtalen på distans.
Jag har verkligen fått bra verktyg att använda för att fortsätta utvecklas och att röra mig framåt mot nya mål.

Isabella – Student, Göteborg

I started my “life coaching” journey with Anna Crociani in a very particular moment of my life. My private life and my feeling were influenced by a quite bad job period: my family could hold my bad temperament influenced by this, my body were tired and without any positive feelings, I couldn’t see the light out of this tunnel.
Ten weeks full of improvements. I cannot say it was easy: sometimes it was really hard.
Is still long the way: I’m young and I will find others and different obstacles, but I will take them and face them as challenges, not as problems. Using my own interior strength.

Sara – Event manager, Italy