Wellnes lectures

Studies show that employers offering wellness programs to their workforce reap great benefits in daily productivity and employee retention. A company promoting wellness is:

  • SMART – because taking care of the employees health is contributing to the company’s success
  • LEGAL – because ignoring or risk the employees health is starting a bad reputation and the risk of legal controversies
  • RIGHTEOUS – because being a part of the company means having an active role ethically and focused on social care.

To support this Crociani Coaching provides health programs and seminars to corporations, organization, schools and local municipalities.

Example of some of our topics:

Training Topics

  • How to set efficient training programs
  • Easy training at your workplace
  • How to avoid pain and injuries

Nutrition Topics

  • Nutrition in health

Mental Topics

  • How to improve the quality of the everyday life
  • How to manage stress and anger in the best way
  • How to avoid burn out syndrome

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