Team & Individual coaching

The value of health is a guaranteed return on investment

Investing in the health and well-being of the employees creates value and results as for example; more productivity, competitiveness, sustainability, loyalty, attractiveness and talent retention, positive corporate image and employer brand, corporate social responsibility, compliance with standards, savings, communication, satisfaction of customers.

Employees become present and creative, motivated, involved, healthy and satisfied. This leads to more presence at work and less illness, accidents, occupational diseases, managed stress, legal risks, costs of involuntary turnover.

How to promote Health in Crociani Coaching Company can be the global partner of excellence, which drive the company in the creation, development and promotion of Corporate wellness programs, bringing “health in the business”.

Methodology: theoretical and practical learning, direct experimentation, feedback, Q & A, personalized personalized affiliation.

Our services support the introduction, management and maintenance of a culture of mental and physical health promotion of employees and the organization.

Companies, like people, are “unique”. Crociani Coaching implements a flexible, accessible, dynamic and formative wellness approach to the needs of every company with different levels of engagement:

  • Light Corporate wellness: A series of Low Cost standard paths to discover the world of business wellness.
  • Regular Corporate Wellness: Business and Services-tailored paths (evaluation, monitoring, follow-up, communication plans, flyers, web).
  • Advanced Corporate Wellness: Customized Individual or Group Plans, Specific Focus, Corporate Program Development / Motherboard Updates

Language: English, Swedish or Italian.

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