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Alessio Crociani


I am born in Italy and graduated from I.U.S.M. (Italian University of Sport and Movement) with honors 110/110 cum laude.

I am certified Professional Coach from the Institute for Life Coach Training, active member and ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) (International Coach Federation).

Passion is my main value which brought me to a life with great experiences and gave me what I have today in my life. In over 18 years of experience I realized that everyone of us has peculiar talent but unfortunately most of the time we don´t use it in a proper way.

Through courage and sacrifice I can guarantee that everyone of us can extract the best of our own potential and that has led me into this business.  When this occurs, the customer gratification will be my professional gratification!


  • Judo black belt and professional “serie A” water-polo player
  • Professional in Wellness Business from 1998
  • PT and national PT Coordinator for Technogym trainers network (2003-2008)
  • PT and Mental Coach at Nordic Wellness Exclusive Club in Göteborg (from 2011)
  • Swedish PT of the year 2013-14-15-16 at Nordic Wellness
  • Teacher in PT education for Nordic Academy of Sweden;
  • Teacher in education for the Wellness Department of E.S.E. University.
  • PT and Mental Coach for VIP customers (Italian Sport Minister, Italian Bank Governor, professional athletes, top businessmen and entrepreneurs);
  • PT in TV shows;
  • PT, PT coordinator and Mental Coach in famous Companies (Ferrari, Vodafone; Philip Morris Int…);
  • PT and PT coordinator in special location (Olympic games – Tennis International Master Series…).

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Anna Crociani

Anna CrocianiWhen I look back at my life, so far, I realize that I have several times pushed myself far beyond my boundaries. I was only 19 when I left my home to live abroad, in a new culture, with a new “family” and without knowing anyone. Within the years I came to move and change country and work several times and that is what shaped me to who I am today. I have met so many people from different cultures, with different view of life and stories to tell.

With the result in my hands, my life wouldn´t have turned out so great as it is if I didn´t encourage myself to step out of my comfort zone more than once. I wouldn´t have my two beautiful daughters and for sure I wouldn´t have all the experience and knowledge that I today have and which I can transform and use to help other people.

My passion is  people; helping, serving and get to know all kinds of people.
I am always striving to get a more clear picture of how to live healthier, stronger and more satisfied in my everyday life. I studied in Stockholm to become a Health therapist and Pilates instructor. I worked abroad several years managing spa clubs in hotels and on board cruises. Meeting people with different stories, cultures and purposes made me even more curious in each person I met and my passion for coaching started. When I discovered coaching, life coaching, a new door opened up for me. What could be more interesting and important than working with peoples inner strengths, their potential and their dreams  –  only you know what makes your life special, meaningful and fulfilled and only you can chose the way to live it.

My personal experiences:

  • Wellness therapist since 2007 – Sverigehälsa Stockholm
  • Spa coordinator at exclusive Hotel Westin Excelsior Rome, Italy
  • Spa manager aboard Cruise Roma Grimaldi – Rome/Barcelona
  • Running diving center in Sharm el Sheikh/Hurghada – Egypt
  • Pilates instructor since 2013 – Uppsala Sportstudio
  • Professional Life Coach since 2016 – Strandska Gothenburg

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