Make it happen

We believe that everyone can reach their full potential by personal responsibility, action and determination.

We help you be your best

"Wellbeing is a Mental, Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual state that allows us to reach and maintain our personal best in the society"
This is the definition of Wellbeing and we help you improve each one of these states to perform you best in life.

Do you want to discover your full potential?

What we do best

Team coaching

How do you know that your team member are performing at their maximal potential today?
What could the outcome be if every single team member improved its wellbeing with only 1%?

Life Coaching

Don´t wait for the right time to come, create your momentum and start taking personal responsibility for your daily decisions.

Physical activity

One important part of our wellbeing is the physical state. Taking care of your body will make you feel better with yourself. Start where you are and do what you can to improve your level of physical wellbeing. We support you! 

“I have conquered my fear to challenge my body, I can now push myself to a limit that before was impossible.”
Client, Gothenburg

Our vision

We  want to create and spread a philosophy of life based on individual and social wellbeing


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Returning coaching customers


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“I’m a free diver and If you want to be able to go beyond your limit and realize something that has never been done before you really have to be on top of your mental and physical level of preparation. With you it has been possible to reach them both, great!”
World record in free diving
"Anna is as professional as humble and she has the ability to make people around her feel comfortable and safe. She has tremendous knowledge as a coach and her methods are effective and eye-opening. She is a good listener and does not judge. She has also an ability to ask just the right questions - many answers were within me, but I did not know where to look. Anna knew that. With her coaching, I have completely changed my life for the better, and I am very grateful for that. . "
Project leader, Gothenburg
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